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15/09/2022 Which used cars cost the most to fix in the last 12 months?

Which used cars cost the most to fix in the last 12 months? New engines and gearboxes feature heavily in the most expensive repair costs list Two Land Rover models appear in top 10 – one of which was less than a year old Handler Protect reveals costs of biggest used car fixes exclusively to Car Dealer

12/09/2022 August 2022 Paid Claims Statistics

Why do consumers insist on a warranty, and why do Dealers partner with Händler? Our Händler Trends team have released their August claims data. With thousands of moving parts, various road and weather conditions plus driver abilities. The results prove what we already know, vehicles break down! Having a nationwide warranty, will help alleviate the stress of the situation, as well as reduce the cost.

23/08/2022 Average price of a used vehicle past 4yrs

Used vehicle prices have increased steadily over the past 4yrs. You can see from our graph below, 1yr pre covid, prices were steady, they dipped during the first lockdown, shot up after the re-opening, and have continued ever since. Will this continue for the next 6mths

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