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16/08/2022 Average age of a purchased car

We've seen some major changes in buying habits over the past 4yrs. Prior to covid, consumers purchased steadily, when covid hit, there was a rush for older vehicles. The reopening of dealerships allowed consumers to splash out on newer vehicles, but 2022 has shown a steady increase in buying older vehicles again. Has the cost of living increase influenced consumer buying habits in 2022, we think so!

12/08/2022 A bit of fun!

One of our dealer partners using their creative side! We received the below image with their brief opinion of the events, and how they unfolded. Currently being investigated by local police. "Mercedes took the Porsche but luckily Handler sorted the problem has sent me a new Porsche many thanks cheers guys" Happy Dealer, happy Händler!

10/08/2022 What has changed over the past 4yrs? (Vehicle mileage)

Our Händler trends department has released some insightful data, based on the last 4yrs of consumer purchasing habits, within the used car sector. Average mileage of cars has stayed the same, except during the first lockdown, when consumers purchased higher mileage vehicles.

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